Dynamic Core Class

on Wednesday, 03 May 2017.

Dynamic Core Class

Total Body Health is now offering three different levels of Dynamic Core classes.

Dynamic Core 1, Intermediate, and Advanced. 

Looking at the body as whole, Eryn uses breathing techniques, trunk stabilization and dynamic movements to help you build a strong and integrated body and core.

Based on principals of Developmental Kinesiology (how baby’s learn to control posture and locomotion), will build on each class, adding progressions in exercises and mobility drills tailored to each client’s specific needs and or limitations.

What you can expect: small class sizes, a positive environment, and take home exercises to practice. You will meet individually with the instructor for 10 minutes prior to the start of class so that the Athletic Therapist can optimize and individualize your class experience.

Have you tried other core classes before? This class is not your typical core class! Developed by an Athletic Therapist, this class is safe, effective and will change your perspective on core exercises. 

Core 1- In Core 1 we will cover breathing techniques, finding neural spine position, and learning how to engage the correct muscles in these positions. We will also practice standing in correct alignment, balance work, as well as mobility drills. There will be exercises on on your back, hands and knees and in standing.  Take home exercises will be given.

Core Intermediate- Building on the knowledge from Core 1, progressions and more challenging exercises will be incorporated. There will be more dynamic fluid movements based around Developmental Kinesiology (how baby’s learn to crawl and walk). Repetitions of these exercises also increase, to help build muscular endurance.

Core Advanced- Continuing to build on the foundation we have established from Core 1 and Intermediate, exercises will be advanced using light weights, and or bands. We will now flow from one exercise to another as we link them to the patterns of crawling and locomotion. Breaking down these movements individually gives everyone something to work on at home. This class is suited to late rehabilitation or the healthy individual who wants to be more invincible.  

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